February 21, 2024
Artillery Shell

Northrop Grumman Secures US Navy Contract for Innovative Self-Guided Artillery Shell

In a move that further emphasizes the shift towards precision warfare, Northrop Grumman has been awarded a contract by the US Navy to develop a new self-guided 57-mm artillery shell. This innovative ammunition is specifically designed for the Navy’s Mk110 Naval Gun Mount, which is used on Littoral Combat Ships.

Gone are the days of large salvos of shells being fired in the hopes of hitting the target. Instead, the focus is now on achieving a one-shot-one-kill approach. The goal is to use a single round filled with minimal explosives, but with the ability to land precisely where it can cause the most significant impact.

Northrop Grumman’s new 57-mm shell will incorporate advanced technology similar to their precision munitions kits. These kits are used to transform conventional bombs into highly accurate munitions. The guided shell will feature seeker sensors that can lock onto even small, fast-moving targets. It will also include an aft-mounted directional system to ensure it homes in on the target and a versatile fuse capable of self-selecting proximity or point-detonation mode.

The result is a game-changing round that can be fired at longer ranges while still being effective against highly evasive targets. Remarkably, this new ammunition can be used with the existing deck gun without the need for any modifications.

Dave Fine, the Vice President of Armament Systems at Northrop Grumman, highlighted the revolutionary nature of the company’s guided ammunition. He stated, “Our new 57-mm guided ammunition is truly innovative in its ability to identify, track, and guide itself to a target. The Navy will gain a greater capability to defend against moving threats and a new level of accuracy to defeat them.”

By enhancing the Navy’s capability to engage and destroy moving threats with a high level of precision, Northrop Grumman’s self-guided artillery shell provides a significant advancement in naval warfare. This technology reflects the growing emphasis on achieving precise strikes, minimizing collateral damage, and maximizing the effectiveness of each round fired. With this contract, Northrop Grumman solidifies its position as a leading innovator in the defense industry, and the US Navy continues to strengthen its arsenal with cutting-edge weapons for modern warfare scenarios.

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