February 21, 2024

Scientists from various European universities have proposed a standardized measurement procedure that could potentially aid in the early diagnosis of cancer

The research, which was published in the journal Nanoscale, involved collaboration between scientists from universities in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bremen, Lille, Marseille, Milan, Münster, and the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The study found that cancer cells demonstrate increased deformability, making it easier for them to form metastases. To measure the biomechanical properties of cells and determine their elasticity, the researchers utilized atomic force microscopes (AFM). While AFMs are relatively affordable instruments, the lack of a standardized measurement procedure has limited their widespread use in cancer diagnosis.

With the proposal of this standardized procedure, the researchers aim to improve the reproducibility of results, regardless of the measurement location or apparatus used. This development has the potential to enable earlier detection of cancer compared to current optical techniques. Furthermore, the results obtained from the standardized procedure could be available within a few days, rather than the several weeks that traditional methods often require.

Moving forward, the scientists plan to focus on reducing false-positive diagnoses and conducting clinical trials in collaboration with medical units. By addressing these key areas, they hope to refine the procedure and enhance its effectiveness in the diagnosis of cancer.

The proposed standardized measurement procedure for detecting changes in the mechanical properties of cells marks a significant advancement in the field of cancer diagnosis. By utilizing AFMs and ensuring reproducibility of results, this method has the potential to provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses, allowing for early intervention and treatment. With further research and clinical trials, this procedure may soon become an invaluable tool in the fight against cancer.

In conclusion, European scientists have put forward a standardized measurement procedure for detecting changes in the mechanical properties of cells, a development that has the potential to revolutionize cancer diagnosis. By utilizing atomic force microscopes and ensuring reproducibility of results, this method could enable earlier detection, provide quicker results, and improve overall accuracy. As further research and trials are conducted, this standardized procedure may become an essential tool in the fight against cancer.

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