February 22, 2024

Mitsubishi Introduces D:X Concept, Paving the Way for the Future of the Delica Adventure Van

Mitsubishi has unveiled the D:X Concept, giving us a glimpse into what the iconic Delica adventure van could become. Building on the success of the Delica D:5, this compact 4×4 van concept combines the spaciousness of an MPV with the ruggedness of an SUV, making it the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. With cutting-edge features like projection lasers, an AI-driven terrain analysis system, and a see-through hood and pillars, Mitsubishi aims to provide maximum space and safety for passengers, while ensuring unparalleled off-road capability for limitless adventures.

Although it may not have the same charm as the third or fourth generation Delica models that have gained popularity in the US and other markets, the D:X Concept returns to a simplified monobox design, moving away from the more dual-box minivan styling of the fifth-generation D:5. This, combined with the removal of the overly-styled grille seen in previous models, elevates the design of the D:X Concept to a new level.

The stacked skid plate, bumper, and windshield design used in the front and back of the van, however, appear chunky and over-designed, creating a clash with the sleek and slim T lights. Despite this, the D:X Concept does feature some impressive design elements such as wraparound glass, beefy contrast wheel arches, oversized all-terrain tires, and protective rocker panels that double up as side steps. Mitsubishi has successfully evolved the concept of a rugged people-carrier, blending the spaciousness and flexibility of an MPV with SUV-inspired sportiness and all-terrain construction.

Safety is a top priority for Mitsubishi, and the D:X Concept features a D:5-derived wraparound “rib-bone”-pillared structural frame that provides the necessary integrity to protect passengers both on and off-road. Inside the van, there are six independent seats with swivel and up/down motion capabilities, each equipped with integrated headrest speakers as part of the premium Yamaha 3D sound system.

One standout feature of the D:X Concept is the see-through hood, which utilizes a strip of lower windshield glass to offer better visibility of the ground ahead, particularly in rough off-road conditions. Mitsubishi likens it to an aerial cockpit. The lower edge of the glass seamlessly transitions into a large front camera-fed screen that displays digital information to identify potential hazards and guide the driver on the clearest path forward. This screen works alongside a voice-interactive AI concierge that provides local information, weather updates, and more.

While the styling of the D:X Concept indicates its electrified nature – including the pencil-thin laser-projecting headlights – Mitsubishi has chosen to showcase it with a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) layout, aligning it with its current production family. Mitsubishi has not provided specific details regarding the powertrain, but the concept is expected to offer four-wheel drive and Mitsubishi’s S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) for optimal traction management in all weather and road conditions. Drivers will have the option to choose between all-electric and hybrid modes, as well as various modes tailored to different surfaces and conditions.

The D:X Concept features a large roof box, which appears more like an off-road light-fronted rooftop tent than a cargo box. Although Mitsubishi’s announcement does not elaborate on its purpose, it adds a touch of ruggedness to the concept, further emphasizing its adventure-ready nature.

The D:X Concept is the centerpiece of an exhibit at the Japan Mobility Show, where Mitsubishi aims to ignite the spirit of adventure in visitors. Other exciting show models include the Last 1 Mile transporter, an electric quad designed to bridge the gap between a dirt road and an off-grid cabin in the wilderness; a prototype of the all-new Triton pickup; the adorable Delica Mini; and a Mitsubishi Ralliart team featuring a Triton competition truck and a Delica D:5 support rig from the 2023 Asia Cross Country Rally.

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