July 19, 2024

Lotus Launches New Lightweight EV Bike Inspired by Olympic Glory

Lotus, renowned for its lightweight roadsters and coupes, has unveiled its latest creation, the Lotus Type 136. This high-performance ebike pays homage to the brand’s past Olympic success and features cutting-edge technology. While it may not be a Lotus car, the Type 136 is designed to capture the imagination of cyclists just like the great Esprit or Exige did for drivers.

The Type 136 draws inspiration from Lotus’ brief but notable Olympic medaling history. In the early 1990s, Lotus entered the world of competitive cycling with an innovative monocoque design, which went on to win an Olympic gold medal. The Type 136 builds on this legacy, incorporating sleek aerodynamics for improved performance.

Weighing just 21.6 lbs (9.8 kg), the Type 136 is one of the lightest ebikes on the market. It boasts a carbon fiber frame that has been carefully contoured and twisted to optimize aerodynamics. The bike features unique design elements, including V-shaped handlebars, blade-like fork legs, and vaulted chain stays, reminiscent of the iconic medal-winning Type 108.

The Type 136 is powered by the Watt Assist Pro e-drive system from Monaco-based company HPS. Unlike other e-drives, the motor is hidden within the frame near the bottom bracket, while the battery takes the form of a classic water bottle. With a capacity of 193 Wh, the battery provides up to three hours of pedal assistance per charge.

Lotus plans to release a limited production run of first-edition Type 136 bikes, priced at £20,000/€25,000 (approximately $25,500). These exclusive models will come equipped with a Campagnolo Super Record Wireless groupset, Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 60 wheels, and a Black Gold paint finish. Once the first editions are sold, the base model with a SRAM drivetrain will be available for £15,199/€17,950.

The Lotus Type 136 was recently unveiled at a VIP event in London and is currently on display at the Rouleur Live bicycle exhibition. Cyclists who appreciate both performance and heritage will be excited to get their hands on this exceptional evike. Lotus’ foray into the world of cycling demonstrates its commitment to creating high-performing electric vehicles beyond automobiles.

With its rich history in automotive racing, Lotus adds Olympic gold to an already impressive resume. The Type 136 is not only a testament to Lotus’ engineering prowess but also a step towards a more sustainable future in the world of mobility.

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