April 20, 2024
United States Container Glass Market

United States Container Glass Market Driven By Rising Demand From Beverage Industry

The United States container glass market comprises glass packaging used majorly for packaging beverages such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Container glass provides premium barrier protection to the product packed inside along with aesthetic look and recycling benefits. Glass being 100% recyclable remains the material of choice for premium packaging of beverages.

The United States Container Glass Market Size Is Estimated To Be Valued At Us$ 11.61 Billion In 2024 And Is Expected To Exhibit A Cagr Of 3.9% Over The Forecast Period Of 2024 To 2031.

Key players operating in the United States container glass market Are Owens-Illinois, Inc. (OI), Ardagh Group, Verallia, Anchor Glass Container Corporation, Vitro Packaging, Ardagh Glass Packaging. These players are focusing on expanding their manufacturing facilities to cater to the rising demand from the beverage industry.

Key Takeaways

Key players – Key players operating in the United States container glass market are Owens-Illinois, Inc. (Oi), Ardagh Group, Verallia, Anchor Glass Container Corporation, Vitro Packaging, Ardagh Glass Packaging. These players control majority of the market share and are expanding both organically and inorganically.

Key opportunities – Rising popularity of premium and craft beers along with new product launches in spirits category presents significant growth opportunities for glass container manufacturers. Also, growing adoption of glass bottles for bottled water and other non-carbonated drinks is another key growth opportunity area.

Global expansion – Key glass container companies are expanding globally by diversifying their geographic footprint and by increasing production capacities in high growth potential countries and regions. For instance, Verallia has glass manufacturing plants across nearly 10 countries in Americas and Europe.

Market Drivers

Rising demand from beverage industry: Continuous growth in beverages industry especially beer, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks is the key driver for glass container market. Glass remains the material of choice for premium and authentic packaging for beverages. Strong demand outlook for various types of beverages ensures sustained demand for glass containers over the forecast period.

Pest Analysis

Political: The U.S. container glass market is influenced by trade policies and regulations related to packaging. Strict environmental norms regarding recycling and reuse of glass also impact production.
Economic: Changes in the economic landscape, such as GDP growth, disposable income levels and consumer spending influence demand in end-use industries such as food and beverages.
Social: Shifting dietary preferences towards convenience packaging and on-the-go consumption drive the use of small glass containers. Increasing health awareness promotes the use of glass for its inert nature.
Technological: Development of lighter weight glass textures and shapes help reduce raw material usage without compromising strength. Automation in manufacturing aids productivity.

The United States container glass market is concentrated in regions with high urbanization and population density. States on the west coast such as California and Washington have substantial market value owing to their large population bases and strong food and beverage industries centered around cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Cities in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions including Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Columbus also contribute significantly due to manufacturing activity in this area.

The southern United States is emerging as the fastest growing region for the container glass market. States like Texas, Florida and Georgia have witnessed high economic and population growth rates in recent times. The expandingcities in these states including Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta and Charlotte have increased demand from foodservice establishments and retail stores. Growth in manufacturing and exports from the Gulf region also stimulates demand.

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