June 22, 2024
Wild Game Meat

Undercooked Bear Meat Causes Parasitic Illness in Six Family Members

According to recent reports from health authorities, six individuals have fallen ill after consuming undercooked bear meat. The incident serves as a reminder for the importance of properly preparing and cooking wild game meat to ensure food safety.

The affected family members, all residents of a rural area, reported experiencing symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain shortly after consuming the bear meat. Health officials have identified the cause of their illness as a parasite, Trichinella spiralis, which can be contracted through the consumption of undercooked or raw meat.

Trichinosis, the disease caused by this parasite, can lead to serious health complications if left untreated. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and may include muscle pain, joint pain, and neurological symptoms. In severe cases, the disease can lead to Beating Heart and respiratory failure.

To prevent the spread of this parasite and other foodborne illnesses, health officials urge the public to properly cook wild game meat before consumption. This can be achieved by cooking the meat to an internal temperature of 145°F (63°C) for at least 13 minutes. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid consuming undercooked or raw wild game meat, as well as the fatty tissues, which are where the parasites are most commonly found.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 11-14 cases of trichinosis are reported in the United States each year. However, it is believed that many cases go unreported due to the mild symptoms or the assumption that the illness was caused by something other than undercooked meat.

Proper cooking and handling of wild game meat is crucial to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses such as trichinosis. The CDC advises hunters and consumers to follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of their food and their health.

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