July 22, 2024

Santa Monica startup SuperOps.ai secures $12.4M in Series B funding for platform expansion

SuperOps.ai, a startup based in Santa Monica, has raised $12.4 million in Series B funding to further develop its unified platform for managed service providers (MSPs). The funding round was led by Addition and March Capital, with participation from Matrix Partners. SuperOps.ai’s cloud-native platform aims to streamline IT management by replacing multiple fragmented tools commonly used by MSPs. The platform combines professional services automation (PSA) for service desk and ticketing, invoicing, quoting, and contract management with remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, IT documentation, project management, and network monitoring capabilities. By offering a unified solution, SuperOps.ai eliminates the need for MSPs to switch between different tools, reducing friction and saving time. The company plans to use the funding to enhance its AI capabilities, including the development of a predictive intelligence layer to help MSPs anticipate and address client issues.

SuperOps.ai was founded in 2020 by Arvind Parthiban and Jayakumar Karumbasalam, who have over 20 years of experience in building tech products. Recognizing the challenges faced by MSPs due to outdated and cumbersome tools, the founders set out to create a platform that would simplify and streamline IT management. The platform’s automation-led approach and AI capabilities allow for efficient task execution, prediction of potential issues, and automated problem-solving. With all necessary data and information in one platform, MSPs can quickly identify and address client needs, improving productivity and profitability.

SuperOps.ai serves a variety of MSPs and IT teams, ranging from smaller businesses with fewer than five employees to more established providers with multiple offices. The platform is particularly beneficial for SMBs, which have historically lacked technology solutions tailored to their needs. One of SuperOps.ai’s clients, Selectgroup, a UK-based MSP, reported significant time savings and improved efficiency after adopting the platform. By using SuperOps.ai’s remote desktop control feature, Selectgroup was able to connect to and make changes in settings on six computers in a fraction of the time it would have taken using legacy tools.

The startup faces competition from established players in the MSP space, such as Kaseya (which also owns Datto), ConnectWise, NinjaOne, Syncro, and Atera. SuperOps.ai differentiates itself by offering a more streamlined and intuitive user experience compared to its competitors. Additionally, the company aims to provide flexibility to its customers through an SaaS model, allowing them to choose monthly or annual plans and easily adjust their subscription as needed.

Alongside the funding announcement, SuperOps.ai announced the appointment of Juan Fernandez as its channel chief. Fernandez, an industry veteran and author of “The MSP Handbook,” will work closely with MSP clients to ensure they derive maximum value from the platform.

The latest funding brings SuperOps.ai’s total raised since its inception to $29.4 million. The company’s heavy investment in research and development, with a focus on AI capabilities, reflects its commitment to empowering MSPs and driving innovation in the underserved MSP market.

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