April 18, 2024

NasalAirFlow: Innovative Internal Nasal Dilator Technology.


What are Internal Nasal Dilators?

Internal nasal dilators are a type of medical device that is placed inside the nostrils to help keep the nasal passages open and improve breathing. They work by gently stretching the walls of the nostrils outward to provide more space inside the nose. This extra opening makes it easier for air to flow in and out during breathing or exercise. Some common examples of internal nasal dilators include Breathe Right strips, Nos-Pro strips, and Rhinoshield strips.

How do they work?

These devices work through the simple concept of gently dilating the nasal valves and passages to create more room for airflow. They are made of flexible materials like polymer strips that contour to the inside shape of the nose. Adhesive on the outer surface holds the strip in place securely inside one or both nostrils. The slight outward pressure keeps the walls from collapsing back to the default narrow position during inhalation and exhalation. This minimizes airflow resistance and enhances comfort during activities.

Effectiveness for different conditions

Internal nasal dilators can provide breathing benefits for a variety of upper respiratory issues:

Snoring – By preventing nasal valve collapse, these strips keep the airway open wider to reduce vibrations that cause snoring. This makes them effective snoring remedies for many people.

Breathing during exercise – The expanded nasal passages reduce respiratory effort needed for oxygen intake. Athletes commonly use them to enhance endurance and performance.

Allergies – When nasal congestion occurs due to allergies, these strips lift tissue away from irritants and widen airways to relieve obstruction and facial pressure.

Deviated septum – A condition where the wall between nostrils is off-center can be improved with dilation to compensate for blocked nasal pathways.

Choosing the right size

For optimal results, it is important to select internal nasal strips that fit your nose size and shape correctly. Most brands come in small, regular, and large sizes. You should measure your nostrils to determine the best fitting option for a proper seal and dilation effect. If airflow does not feel smoother after applying a strip, going up or down a size may provide a better fit. Proper sizing is key for comfort and function.

Benefits over other remedies

Compared to oral decongestants, antihistamines or other drugs, nasal dilator strips have advantages in terms of side effects and duration of relief:

– Non-medicinal – No drug interactions, dependence, or systemic absorption into the body to cause adverse reactions.

– Immediate effect – Dilation occurs instantly upon application for fast relief rather than waiting 30 minutes for pills to work.

– Lasts all night – A single application of an internal strip worn overnight can keep you breathing smoothly for 7-8 hours of sleep versus medications wearing off after 6 hours.

– Can be reused – Strips are lower in cost than multiple doses of allergy drugs since you get multiple nights of use out of one strip before replacing it.

– No dryness – Dilators do not cause any drying or stinging side effects in the nasal tissues that decongestant sprays may lead to with prolonged regular use.

While they don’t treat an underlying medical condition directly like drugs can, nasal dilator strips provide effective breathing improvement and comfort through a simple yet proven mechanical action inside the nose. For mild to moderate nasal congestion symptoms, they represent a safe first-line remedy choice.

Tips for best results

To maximize the benefits of internal nasal dilators, follow these simple usage guidelines:

– Apply to clean, dry skin for maximum adhesion overnight or during activities.

– Use for at least a few nights/uses in a row to adapt to the stretching sensation before assessing effectiveness.

– Change them out every 2-3 nights for optimal dilation as the adhesive wears down.

– Consider warming the strip briefly before application for a more contoured fit as it cools.

– Work with your doctor if very severe congestion persists despite using dilators as directed.

So in summary, nasal dilator strips are a proven non-medical way to keep nasal passages open for easy breathing through the simple mechanism of gentle internal dilation. With proper sizing, application technique and follow-up care, they provide dependable relief for snoring, exercise, and mild allergy or deviated septum symptoms.


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