May 22, 2024

Nasal Airflow Enhancer: Internal Dilator Solutions


They are small, thin strips of material that are placed inside the nose to gently widen the nasal passages and create more space for breathing. They work by using gentle outward pressure to gently push the walls of the nose outward. This helps open the nasal airways and makes breathing through the nose feel easier and less restricted.

How do they work?

Internal Nasal Dilators work by using elastic memory material that is very thin and flexible. Most dilators are made of polyester, silicone or similar materials that are highly flexible but still provide outward pressure. The strips are placed inside the nasal vestibule, which is the external opening of the nose.

By sitting inside this area, the dilators use their mild elastic properties to push the walls of the nose outward. This widens the nasal valve, which is the narrowest part of the nasal airway that can tend to collapse during breathing. Widening this area opens up more space and helps prevent the airway from feeling restricted. The result is easier breathing through the nose.

The amount of expansion provided is very gentle, just enough to counteract the slight collapse of the nasal walls that many people experience during breathing. The devices are designed to be hardly noticeable once inserted but provide benefits even with their extremely thin profile. They stay in place well but can be easily removed when needed.

Who Can Benefit from Internal Nasal Dilators?

There are a few main groups who tend to see the most benefit from Internal Nasal Dilators:

– Athletes – Anyone who engages in cardiovascular exercise can benefit from improved nose breathing. Dilators help maximize airflow to enhance endurance and performance.

– Snoring/Sleep Apnea Sufferers – Anything that helps keep the airway open at night can reduce snoring and even help with mild sleep apnea issues by preventing throat/nose collapse during sleep.

– Allergy/Congestion Sufferers – Dilators provide steady outward pressure to combat nasal congestion from allergies, colds, dry air etc. This makes nose breathing easier.

– Musicians/Singers – Improving airflow through the nose allows for better vocal and wind instrument performance by maximizing air supply with less effort.

– Those with Deviated Septums – A septum shift can restrict one side, so dilators on each nostril can help compensate.

So in summary, anyone looking to improve nasal breathing comfort and efficiency can benefit from regular use of Internal Nasal Dilators.

How to Use Internal Nasal Dilators

Proper use of nasal dilators is simple:

1. Wash and dry hands thoroughly before handling the dilators.

2. Gently insert one dilator strip into each nostril by curving it and easing it into the opening until fully inside the nose.

3. Use a mirror if needed for proper placement inside the nasal vestibule. Nostrils may feel slightly stretched upon insertion but this sensation quickly fades.

4. Dilators can be worn continuously but are most effective if used during times of expected nasal congestion such as exercise, allergy seasons, colds/flu etc.

5. For best results, start with a few hours wearing time and gradually increase as comfort levels allow. Full 24 hours is ideal but not required.

6. To remove, gently pull strip straight out of nostril with fingers or tweezers being careful not to snag delicate nasal tissue.

7. Store extras in provided case or sealed plastic when not in use. Replace as directed or sooner if dilators appear worn or degraded.

Do Internal Nasal Dilators Work? Effectiveness Evidence.

There is good scientific evidence that Internal Nasal Dilators can provide real benefits for nasal breathing comfort and performance. Some key points:

– Multiple clinical trials have shown they increase minimum cross-sectional area (CSA) of the nasal valve by up to 30% on average.

– This translates to statistically significant increases in airflow capacity measured in liters per minute (LPM). One major study found a 27% increase.

– User surveys consistently report reduced nasal congestion, easier breathing, less mouth breathing and greater endurance during activities like exercise.

– For snoring, studies have found an average 24-38% reduction in snoring intensity when dilators are used regularly at night.

– Improved airflow allows the “Coandă effect” whereby inhaled air sticks to nasal tissues better to warm and humidify it before lung entry.

– Top athletic associations approve their use for performance enhancement when used as directed.

So in summary, the science confirms internal dilators provide tangible benefits by gently widening the nasal airway for improved breathing comfort and function. Consistent, long-term use delivers the best results.

Proper Fit is Key

While Internal Nasal Dilators are effective for most users, proper fit is important for comfort and optimal performance. Here are some tips:

– Start with the regularly sized dilators included by the manufacturer. Sizes vary so try sample packs first if available.

– Apply a small amount of lubricant inside each nostril for easier initial insertion of strips.

– If experiencing pain, bleeding or strong irritation, the fit is likely not right. Try a different size.

– Compare width of nasal opening with dilator thickness. Thinner may work better for narrow vestibules.

– Trial different brands as material properties vary and some fit certain nose shapes more smoothly.

– See an ENT

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