May 22, 2024

JetSet Ready: Traveler’s Choice Luggage

All You Need to Know About Choosing the Perfect Luggage for Your Trip

When it comes to packing for a trip, one of the most important things to consider is what type of Suitcase you need. There are several common Suitcase varieties to choose from, each suited to different travel needs and styles.

Hardside Suitcases: Hardside suitcases are durable and protective. They have a solid plastic outer shell that protects your belongings from damage during handling. However, they tend to be heavier than other Luggage options. Hardside suitcases are best for trips involving lots of Suitcase handling like international flights or trips involving multiple transfers.

Softside Suitcases: Softside suitcases have a flexible fabric outer shell, usually made of polyester or nylon. While not as sturdy as hardside suitcases, softside versions are generally lighter and more flexible. They can pack down smaller when empty. Softside suitcases work well for most trip types but may be more prone to scuffing or damage from mishandling compared to hardside versions.

Duffel Bags: Duffel bags are big Bag-style Suitcase without wheels. They are roomy, lightweight and collapse down small when emptied. However, they can be bulky to carry when full since they lack wheels or a frame. Duffel bags are best for short trips that don’t require much Luggage handling or when packing bulky items like clothing.

Backpacks: Travel backpacks are ideal for hands-free carrying and active trips involving a lot of walking. The backpack style distributes weight evenly on your back. Look for padded straps and back panels for comfort. Backpacks work well for short trips, hiking/outdoor adventures, or trips where you may need to use public transport.

Rolling Duffel Bags: A hybrid of duffel bags and wheeled Suitcase, rolling duffels have an expandable duffel design with retractable wheels and handle. This allows you to roll them like wheeled Suitcase but still have the flexible packing space of a duffel. Rolling duffels are useful for a variety of trips that don’t require multiple checked bags.

Determining Luggage Size

When choosing Suitcase size, consider not only your standard packing needs but also any activities or destinations on your itinerary. Opt for Suitcase that allows room for both clothing and souvenirs without overpacking. Here are some common Luggage sizes:

– Carry-On Size: Maximum 22″ x 14″ x 9″ for most airlines. Good for short trips or when not checking bags.

– Mid-Sized Checked Bags: 24″ to 28″ are good general sizes. Can fit a week’s worth of clothing and toiletries with room to spare.

– Large Checked Suitcases: 29″ or larger. Best for longer trips or if you need extra packing space for bulky items like coats or sports gear.

– Packing Cubes: These come in handy for organizing clothing and other items within your Suitcase. Maximizes packing space.

Additional Luggage Features

Beyond Suitcase type and size, consider these additional features that can make packing and travel easier:

– Spinner Wheels: Allow bags to roll smoothly in any direction for easier maneuvering. Look for silent or smooth-rolling spinners.

– TSA Locks: Have built-in holes for TSA-approved locks, saving you from snipping locks during inspections.

– External pockets: Convenient for storing items you need quick access to like travel documents, electronics, or snacks.

– built-in charging ports: Lets you charge devices from your Suitcase’s battery pack during flights.

– Expandable capacity: Extra packing space that zips closed when not in use.

– Lightweight Materials: Carbon fiber or durable, lightweight fabrics make Suitcase easier to handle when full.

– Retractable Handles: Extra-long handles that retract when not in use for smaller storage.

– Integrated size/weight tracker: Lets you monitor baggage dimensions/weight as you pack to avoid oversized fees.

Choosing Luggage Based On Your Trip

When purchasing Suitcase, consider both your upcoming trip specifics as well as your general travel needs and style over time. Here are some tips for matching Suitcase to trip types:

– International/Long Trips: Hardside or softside checked bags are most secure/durable for handling. Choose multiple sizes since baggage limits may apply.

– Domestic Flights: Carry-on sized bags, roller duffels or backpacks to avoid checked bag fees. Or mid-sized softside for short checked trips.

– Weekend Getaways: Carry-on bags or duffels are compact for short trips. Backpacks for active travel.

– Business Travel: Rolling overnight bags or smaller hardside checked bags for flying visits.

– Adventure/Outdoor Trips: Backpacks, duffels or backpacker roller bags to accommodate gear. Choose durable, water resistant materials.

– Families:Multiple coordinating bag sets in kid and adult sizes for organization. Telescopic handles make stacking bags easier.

– Frequent Flyers: Lightweight Luggage in carry-on and personal item sizes maximize packing within limits.

With so many Suitcase options, considering your destination, trip length, activities and packing habits will help you choose Suitcase that perfectly suits your travel needs and style. Take time to find durable, functional and sized-appropriately Luggage to make trips as smooth as possible.


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