June 20, 2024
Venturous Truck Shell

Introducing the Venturous Truck Shell: A Strong and Lightweight Solution for Adventure Enthusiasts

LTA Manufacturing has recently launched its new brand, Venturous, to cater to the growing demand for a pickup truck shell that can hold all the necessary gear for modern adventures. The company’s Ozark pickup cap stands out from traditional composite toppers by utilizing a superior PolyFuse injection-molded process instead of the standard open-mold construction. This innovative manufacturing technique results in a topper that combines the classic looks of fiberglass with a significantly lighter weight and greater load-carrying strength than steel.

LTA Manufacturing is a well-known name in the pickup cap industry, with famous brands such as ATC, Jason, and Ranch under its portfolio. With the introduction of the Venturous brand, the company aims to offer a premium product that benefits from its groundbreaking construction process, which it claims is an industry first. The injection molding technique employed in creating each fiberglass-based PET foam-reinforced Venturous shell produces a lighter and more structurally sound body, capable of carrying multiple times the weight of a traditional open-mold fiberglass topper.

Venturous proudly claims that their Ozark cap provides up to three times the strength of a traditional cap while reducing weight by up to 38%. To support this statement, they explain that a single-piece Ozark skin, fresh out of the mold and without windows, doors, or added hardware, weighs a mere 76 lb (34 kg). In comparison, a traditional open-mold topper skin designed for the same truck weighs 123 lb (56 kg).

Beyond its impressive lightweight design, the Venturous Ozark’s weight-carrying capacities are equally striking. It has a static weight capacity of 1,500 lb (680 kg) and a dynamic weight capacity of 750 lb (340 kg). These figures surpass the all-steel RSI SmartCap’s 770-lb (350-kg) static and 330-lb (150-kg) dynamic load ratings. Additionally, the Ozark outperforms the steel RLD Design canopy’s 700-lb (318-kg) dynamic rating and comes close to the 800-lb (363-kg) capacity of the tubular aluminum-framed Go Fast shell, which was launched just a year ago as the strongest truck topper in the market.

While the average pickup driver may not require such a high weight capacity, it is undoubtedly beneficial for those who need to transport and camp with large rooftop tents, especially the 300-lb (136-kg) hard-sided ones that have gained popularity in recent years. The Venturous Ozark also proves useful for hauling heavy tools and gear, boats, bikes, building supplies, and other sizable equipment that needs to be secured to the roof. Additionally, the classic fiberglass shell design of the Ozark, with its natural curves and available vehicle-matched paint, sets it apart from the boxy and flat designs of heavy-duty metal caps that offer similar weight load capacities.

The Venturous Ozark comes with a standard features package that includes tinted glass, Axalta automotive-grade paint, a custom-fit rear door skirt, and a third brake light. Customers also have the option to add interior lighting and roof carry solutions from reputable brands such as Yakima and Rhino Rack.

Priced at $3,495, the Ozark falls between standard composite toppers from brands like Leer and ARE and heavy-duty alternatives such as the RSI SmartCap Evo Adventure ($3,995) and the GFC Platform Topper ($3,995). Venturous debuted the Ozark at the 2023 SEMA Show earlier this month and currently offers it for various midsize and full-size trucks through their extensive dealership network across the United States.

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