June 14, 2024
Alzheimer's Disease

Insights from Alzheimer’s Disease-Free Brains at the Netherlands Brain Bank

As we all age, the journey takes unique turns for each individual, influenced by genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Some remarkable individuals reach the milestone of 90 or even 100 years old, maintaining their health without the need for medications or brain diseases. But what is the secret to their longevity and cognitive well-being?

Recently, researchers Luuk de Vries, Dick Swaab, and Inge Huitinga from Joost Verhaagen’s group at the Netherlands Brain Bank sought answers to this question. The Netherlands Brain Bank, a one-of-a-kind resource, houses brain tissue from over 5,000 deceased donors, each with a diverse range of Alzheimer’s Disease and brain diseases.

What sets the Netherlands Brain Bank apart is not only the preserved tissue with precise neuropathological diagnoses but also the documented medical history and detailed disease courses, including the symptoms, of each donor. By studying the brains of those who remained disease-free until the end of their lives, the researchers aimed to uncover the potential underlying mechanisms that contribute to healthy aging.

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