April 24, 2024
OpenAI-Powered Wearable

Humane Unveils AI Pin, a Revolutionary OpenAI-Powered Wearable

Humane, a technology company that has been teasing us with hints about the future of AI-powered gadgets, has finally announced its first device: the AI Pin. This wearable device, priced at $699, consists of a square-shaped device and a battery pack that can be magnetically attached to clothing or other surfaces. Along with the device price, users are required to pay a monthly fee of $24 for a Humane subscription, which includes a phone number and data coverage through T-Mobile’s network. Preorders for the AI Pin will begin on November 16th, with shipping scheduled for early 2024.

The AI Pin features a Snapdragon processor, although the specific model has not been disclosed. It can be controlled using voice commands, gestures, a camera, and a built-in projector. The device itself weighs around 34 grams, and the battery booster adds an additional 20 grams. The 13-megapixel built-in camera can capture both photos and videos after a software update. Unlike other recording devices, the AI Pin does not constantly record or listen for a wake word. Users have to manually activate the device by tapping and dragging on the touchpad, and an indicator light notifies users and others that data is being collected.

The primary function of the AI Pin is to connect to AI models through a software called AI Mic. Humane’s press release mentions collaborations with both Microsoft and OpenAI, and it is suggested that the device is primarily powered by GPT-4. However, Humane clarifies that access to ChatGPT is one of the core features of the AI Pin. Its operating system, Cosmos, is designed to automatically route user queries to the appropriate tools without the need for downloading or managing multiple apps. Humane aims to simplify the user experience by removing unnecessary complexity from technology. The AI Pin does not have a homescreen or extensive settings and accounts to manage. Instead, users can interact with the device through voice commands or touch, stating what they want to do or know, and the device will automatically respond. Humane is striving to create a gadget that operates similarly to a chatbot, enabling various functionalities through simple commands.

In terms of capabilities, Humane has highlighted several features during the unveiling of the AI Pin. These include voice-based messaging and calling, catch-up summaries of email inboxes, obtaining nutritional information by holding up food to the camera, and real-time translation. However, the company also plans to add navigation and shopping capabilities, as well as provide developers with tools to build their own applications for the device.

Humane views the AI Pin as the initial step of a broader project, and rightfully so. As the underlying AI models continue to improve, the device will evolve and offer enhanced user experiences. The tech industry as a whole is actively exploring new applications for AI, and Humane intends to stay at the forefront of this innovation. While there is still much work to be done, Humane is ready and committed to making progress with the AI Pin and ushering in a new era of wearable technology.

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