June 20, 2024

Fujifilm Launches Instax Pal Digital Camera, Making Printing Optional

Fujifilm has introduced the Instax Pal, a cute and compact digital camera that offers the option to print images on Instax instant film. The Instax Pal comes bundled with the Mini Link 2 printer and allows users to store their photos in onboard storage for later transfer to the free companion app. Once in the app, users can add filters and stickers to enhance their images.

Bing Liem, spokesperson for Fujifilm, stated that the Instax Pal digital camera and Mini Link 2 printer bundle is an ideal choice for those who want the convenience of capturing digital images while still having the ability to print them on Instax instant film at their leisure.

The palm-sized Instax Pal is the first all-digital camera in the Instax range. It is designed to be a fun and playful camera, perfect for capturing spontaneous moments on the go. The camera features a 4.9-megapixel CMOS sensor, auto shutter speeds ranging from 1/4 to 1/8000 seconds, ISO100 to 1,600 light sensitivity, and a F2.2 wide-angle lens. It is powered by a Li-ion battery that can be charged via USB-C.

Weighing just 1.45 oz (41 g), the Instax Pal can be easily carried around and comes with a ring-shaped strap that can serve as a finger ring, crude viewfinder, or camera stand. It offers enough internal storage for up to 50 images, with the option to expand storage using a microSD card. Additionally, users can record and set a sound or phrase for the pre-shutter action, allowing the camera to audibly encourage a smile before taking a photo.

The Instax Pal can be used to take digital photos by pressing the thumb-sized shutter button at the back of the camera. However, it also has the capability to connect to a smartphone via a companion app. The app offers features such as burst mode for capturing multiple images at three-second intervals, remote shutter operation for hands-free photography, and the ability to create flipbook-like animations by combining multiple images.

The app also allows users to apply filters, add text and stickers, and preview images on a smartphone screen. Once the user selects the images they want to print, they can connect the smartphone to the Mini Link 2 printer (or other compatible Instax Link printers) to produce physical copies on Instax instant film. The printed photos even include a QR code that can be scanned to play the animation on a smartphone screen.

In addition to printing, the Instax Pal allows users to view and save their photos on their phone and share them with friends on social media. The camera’s flash module can also be triggered through the app, further enhancing the photography experience.

The Instax Pal and Mini Link 2 bundle, which includes a complimentary 10-pack of white-border instant film, will be available from late October for a suggested retail price of US$199.95. It’s important to note that users will need to purchase additional film packs once the initial supply runs out.

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